All Trifle Bowls

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All about Trifle-Bowls

A trifle bowl is a kind of bowl or vessel that has a straight bottom and sides. The bowl which is made of clear plastic or glass allows various bright coloured layers to be displayed clearly and usually used to put or display trifles. These are English dessert dishes that include items like puddings, fruits, custards, sponge cakes, gelatins mixed with whipped cream.

The standard size of a trifle-bowl is eight and a half inches tall, eight inches wide and four and a half inch bowl depth. An ideal trifle bowl should be made of clear crystal. The trifle bowl may also be referred to as pedestal bowl. Although they are smaller versions of the trifle bowl, they are usually referred to as trifle cup. The trifle cup is used to hold a single serving of the trifle or dessert.

About The Trifle

It may consist of a little alcohol like sweet sherry, Madeira wine or port. In addition to this, it might even have non-alcoholic ingredients like ginger ale, sweet juices, and soft drinks. The liquid makes the dessert moist and gives it a floating like an appearance. The trifle is usually used for important occasions like Christmas to show the contrast of the ingredients and the decoration aspect.


Trifles were first made in England around 1585. They were basically made of thick cream, ginger, rosewater, and sugar. Prior to this, the desserts were known as a fool; the terms were interchangeable for some time but trifle eventually took over. By around 1861, the jam had already started being added predominantly in the trifles.

There are various types of trifles made in different countries; the tipsy laird is a variation of the dish made by people from Scotland. It contains whiskey also known as Drambuie in the country. The tipsy cake is made by people in the southern area of America. The Italians make the Zuppa Inglese which is their variation of the trifle. In Austria and Germany, the dessert’s variation is known as the Punschtorte. Then there’s the Russian slab or Russian cake which contains alcohol like rum or red wine, fruit juice and sweet syrup. However, it is usually advisable to serve the trifle chilled or after it has settled like overnight.

Other types of trifles prepared and consumed in America include the fruit trifle, peanut trifle, among others. The trifle’s first layer may consist of any type of solid cake like angel food cake, sponge cake, biscuits, pound cake, brownies, and any other kind of cake. The second layer may consist of jello or pudding while the third layer or the top layer may consist of any kind of candy or fruit. However, if your time is restricted you may use ingredients that have been pre-made earlier. You can buy a ready-made cake and jello or pudding and fruits that have been pre-cut. That saves time and it’s less cumbersome as compared to preparing the trifle from scratch.

Other Uses of a Trifle Bowl

a) For storing and displaying cloth napkins and serviettes. Just in case you don’t have a place where you can store the cloth napkins during a meal, the trifle bowl is a perfect replacement.

b) The trifle bowl may also be used as a centrepiece. Your dinner table doesn’t need to look plain; you can improvise the trifle bowl and use it as a decorative piece. Just fill it with items such as glass stones, a pillar candle, pretty sticks or even an elaborate flower arrangement.

c) You may also use the trifle bowl as an alternative for storing and displaying fruit. Fill it with stunning and striking fruits that have different colours. Make sure the fruits have contrasting colours like citrus fruits, bananas, apples.

d) The trifle bowl may also be used alternatively as a storage and display for muffins. Look for one that has a lid so that the muffins don’t end up dry because they should remain moist and fresh. You can also and display other baked goods as that helps in making people salivate for them.

e) For displaying and serving jello salad. To make a jello salad, just layer different types of jello and mix with milk in the trifle bowl. Refrigerate and serve.

f) For displaying and serving dirt pudding. The dirt pudding is a kind of dessert that is made using various ingredients like whipped cream, sugar and different kinds of pudding mixed in the trifle bowl.

g) For displaying and serving pasta salad. A pasta salad is made using various ingredients. Just put the pasta you prefer in the first layer. Top it with ingredients such as ham, tomatoes, boiled eggs, peppers, and others. All these should be cut appropriately in small sizes. You can use any pasta dressing salad as the top layer.

h) For displaying and serving Mexican Dip: Prepare Mexican and put fried beans on the bottom layer, add cheddar cheese, minced beef, sour cream, guacamole, tomatoes, black olives and salsa in various layers in the trifle bowl.

i) For displaying and serving fruit salad and other types of salads. Make sure they consist of various brightly coloured ingredients to make a lovely display.

Over the years the trifle bowl has changed a lot. The earlier versions of the dessert bowl were bigger and some didn’t have as much depth as the current ones.

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